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 You just bought your lovely and very expensive upholstered couch a few weeks ago it arrived just in time for the house warming party for your new apartment. You invited your friends, family, some of the new neighbors and even your boss.

You we so proud of your couch and many of the guests said how lovely it looked in the living room and that it complimented your upholstered chair so well.

The party was fun and was a success. After the all the guests went home, you finally had time to sit for a few minutes and relax and then you noticed that someone spilled sauce and wine on your new couch!

We are so glad that you did not panic and thought to blot the stains with a clean cloth and called our reputable Italica, NY upholstery cleaning company the next day.

Our team of experts bought all the necessary equipment and mild cleaning agents that safely and effectively removed all the stains and made your couch look like it did before you held the partly. Plus, they removed food crumbs and other particles from the folds and pockets of your couch.

If you want to keep your wonderful looking couch and other upholstered furniture looking like new for years, call us at least once a year and let our well-trained and expert crew clean your furniture for you. Our techniques will help extend the life of your couch and other furniture and will make it look brand new year after year.

We would like to suggest that the next time you have a party that you call us a few weeks before the event and let us protect your couch with a protective coating that will repel stains, moisture and dirt and will keep your couch looking new for a long time. Call our Italica, NY upholstery cleaning company the next time you need you upholstery cleaned.


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