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Go Green with our Green Carpet Cleaners In Big Flats, NY!

Are you cleaning your carpets on a weekly basis but not really cleaning your carpets? Do you think your carpets are clean? Dust mites, allergens and pet dander are microscopic and can not normally been seen by the average person. Most people merely vacuum their carpet but never take the time to fully clean the carpet. We are a professional carpet cleaning service that will come to your house and assess your carpet cleaning needs. We will offer you a thorough service while allowing you the opportunity to choose from our different cleaning packages. Do not be fooled by other carpet cleaning services that offer scams and gimmicks. We are honest, efficient and dependable. We will offer you services with no hidden costs. We will provide you with all of the necessary information and pricing to make a decision. We hope you make the right decision and choose us!

We provide a complete cleaning service package that is called the "Green Package." The green carpet cleaning package involves thoroughly cleaning your carpet with our green carpet cleaners in Big Flats, NY that will help eliminate pet dander, allergens, and dust mites. The purpose for using a green cleaning solution is to provide a complete cleaning without the harsh chemicals. Over the counter cleaning solutions can leave a pungent smell or harmful residue which can be dangerous to your children and/or pets. Our green cleaning solutions are free of harmful toxins and safe for people in your household. This "Green Package" is designed for people with extreme allergies and helps to eliminate air contaminants in your home. Our green carpet cleaners in Big Flats, NY will help you breathe easier. Who doesn't want to breathe in clean air? When you clean your carpets you are cleaning your air at the same time.


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