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How often should I clean my carpets? Italica, NY

Many people realize the necessity of having their carpets cleaned when they begin to show traffic patterns and stains become more obvious, But what is a good schedule of carpet cleaning for the average home owner or the business owner. Keeping clean carpets not only has visible appeal but actually will extend the life of the carpet often by many years. How so? When carpet captures dust, dirt, sand and other soils. While those soils are trapped in carpet fibers they act as an abrasive against the carpet fibers and the backing which will over time dramatically wear away at the carpets look and its integrity. Regular vacuuming is important but vaccum cleaning will not remove the bulk of the minute debris that becomes lodged in carpet fibers over a period of time. Rinse and extraction methods are the only waay to properly remove heavy soils like imbedded dirt and sand. How? During proffesional carpet cleaning the cleaning sollution and water used will act to bring the heaver dirt particles to the surface in suspension to be removed by the hiigh powered vaccum caused by the blower motor of the extraction machine. Agitation also plays an important role in the extraction of heavy soils. agitation will help to loosen and disolve unwanted soils that have adhered to the carpet fibers. If you would more information on how important it is to have a professional carpet cleaning service call the professional cleaners of Italica, NY. Dynamic Cleaning Solutions will be happy to help with all your cleaning needs! 
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