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How to Remove Kids Paint from Carpet. Italica, NY

How to remove kids paint from carpet. Italica, NY I received a call the other day to clean a small area of about 10 square feet of carpet. Now this was kids paint so it was non-toxic and did not contain solvents or oils. So it was your basic water based paint for kids. Apparently the child had a fit and decided to paint the floor. Upon arrival to give an estimate for the work the parents to me that they had attempted to remove some of the paint with just water and a cloth. As I tested a few product I did find that the paint did slightly respond to a damp cloth but more readily was removed with a red dye remover without heat. So I got the job and when I returned to do the work my plan was to use the same product then to allow a dwell time and rinse and extract the paint stains. Simple enough right? Unfortunately no, I found that the paint that had not been disturbed was quite easy to remove but the apparent areas that they tried to remove themselves were much, much more difficult. Why? Because they had used water they watered down the paint causing it to be able to sink further into the carpet now it was not floating on the floors surface but had been absorbed throughout the carpet fibers right to the backing. The problem. The product as well as the rinsing and extraction was unable to reach inside the fibers to remove the color from carpet. Moral of the story if there is serious spilling like this Immediately call a professional the biggest mistake homeowners make is trying to address the stains themselves. If the paint had been left and dried upon the surface it would have been a quick and easy removal and saved them money. For helpful advice with your carpet Call Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Italica, NY well even help with those kids paint stains!

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