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How to keep your carpets looking new! Italica, NY.

When installing new carpet in your home you realize that your carpet is an investment that will add comfort and appeal to you home. Keeping your carpets looking like new should be and probably is important to you. Jere are some tips on how to do so. many time when I.m explaining to people the importance of regular carpet cleaning I like to explain the effects of not having them cleaned. Its very much like any other fabric that in time comes in contact with various soils. take for example a t-shirt imagine wearing a shirt for a few weeks then trowing through a wash cycle what will be the result? Certainly it will be cleaner, but likely the stains will not be fully removed. Hence the importance of regularly washing clothes. Well the same is true of carpet wear. Carpets are made of much more resilient fiber than that of a cotton shirt but the same principles apply when keeping you carpeted areas looking good. In most cases carpet should be cleaned yearly and if high traffic is a factor like kids and pets it may be nessecary to have you carpet cleaned twice a year. A professional carpet cleaning company like Dynamic Cleaning Solutions will be able to help suggest the best schedule for cleaning in your home. A few other tips outside of hot water inse and extraction would be to take practical step such as removing shoes while inside, placing area rugs in high traffic areas and in entry ways. These are just a few ideas that may help your carpets and therefore your entire home looking great all year long. For more information from cleaning professionals call Dynamic Cleaning Solutions anytime day or night! We'd love to help you!
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