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How to remove wine stain from carpet. Italica, NY

Everyone who has wall to wall carpet enjoys the comfort and warmth it adds to the home flooring, but surely homeowners in the Italica, NY area and elsewhere within the fingerlakes wine country with this type of flooring have to be extra cautious when eating or drinking or anything else because of the accidential spilling incidents that do occur. Some spilling incidents are easily taken care of when handled quikly, But what about removing that seemingly impossible red wine stain from your carpet. Here are a few good tips on how to remove such an annoying stain. First thing you want to do if possible when the spilling of the wine occurs immediatly blot as much as it up with a dry cloth or towel from the carpet with a motion of working from the outside in. This motion will prevent the stain from getting any larger and spreading into the surrounding carpet. Here's an additional tip if you don't have any towels available, take some salt and sprinkle a libral amount over the stained area. This will keep the stain from setting until your able to blot it out as much as possible. When you are ready you can vacuum the salt up. Here's the next step. Make a cleaning solution; mix 1 tablespoon of dye free dishwashing liquid with a tablespoon of white vinegar and about 2 cups of warm water in a container, mix it well without creating too many bubbles. Now blot the stain with a towel that is heavily dampened with the solution and work the solution into the stained area. Follow this step with a dry cloth to draw out the loosened stain. Repeat this step as much as possible or as needed. Then blot the area with cold water, when doing this use a clean towel. When doing this you want to work at it in order to remove as much of the solution as possible. This is the process of rinsing the carpet clean.. If you would like to know more step that will help in removing wine stains from your carpet please contact Dynamic Cleaaning Solutions of Italica, NY today we'd love to help!

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