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Italica, NY Carpet Cleaning

We realize that you need professional Italica, NY carpet cleaning in your business. Also, protecting your investment by extending the durability of your carpet and upholstery is our main concern. Our lasting carpet protection approach helps our clients, and we have the following cleaning alternatives planned to benefit your business.

Regular Carpet Cleaning  

Every place of work has most locations covered by dust frequently. This is the reason we offer regular Italica, NY carpet cleaning services. By dealing with these locations, we can offer better carpet protection, make regular cleaning easier and faster and prolong the life of your carpet. Regular cleaning services are better than full cleaning, which is another excellent reason to give it a try.

Carpet Deodorizer  

Our professional strength carpet deodorizers neutralize bad scents by eliminating them from their source. We also have a team of trained personnel who work hard to ensure you have a fresh, clean scent you can always trust.

Carpet Protection  

Once we clean the carpet, we apply specialized strength carpet protectors that provide resistance on your carpet and furniture from spills, dirt, and daily wear and tear. The protector is safe for pets, people and the environment and protects the carpet fibers ensuring that dirt does not penetrate. Also, it makes the carpet more durable; prevents unpleasant smells and enhances a cleaner carpet for longer. Additionally, the extra carpet protection gives additional time to clear up any unforeseen spills.

Spot Carpet Cleaning  

If undesirable spots appear, they require a little extra consideration. Our gentle but effective spot cleaning solution functions well on most carpet and furniture without weakening the carpet protection. The solution does not use optical brighteners, and you can use it safely for pets.

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