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Italica, NY Green Carpet Cleaning: The Superior Choice

Your carpets are a very important investment that are worth receiving the most effective treatment that is available on the market today. While there are many professional carpet cleaning companies from which to choose, it is important to consider the method of cleaning that a company uses before making a decision regarding who you will allow to service your carpets. One of the most important questions to ask is if the company you are considering provides green carpet cleaning. Why is it so important to use green cleaning products on carpets? Here are three important reasons:

Green products are biodegradable: Because they are biodegradable, the cleaning solutions used in our Italica, NY green carpet cleaning treatments are environmentally friendly, and safer for use in the atmosphere of your home.

Green products leave no toxic chemical residue in your carpet following cleaning treatments: The dynamic combination of the hot water extraction cleaning method used by our powerful equipment, along with the green cleaning solutions that we use ensures that there are absolutely no toxic chemicals left in your carpet after the cleaning treatment. Our cleaning solutions do not weaken or erode carpet fibers like the harsh and dangerous chemicals used by so many other carpet cleaning companies. The result of using our green cleaning products will be a thoroughly clean carpet that is safe for you, your children, and your pets to enjoy.

Green products do a superior job at getting carpets clean: Used in combination with our high powered equipment and hot water extraction method, the green cleaning products we use work to loosen and extract all dirt out of carpets. Tough stains and carpet odors are also completely removed by the highly effective green cleaning solutions that we use.

For superior service, cleaner carpets, and a healthier home, call our Italica, NY green carpet cleaning experts!



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