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Preventing Mold and Mildew in Carpet. Italica, NY 14850

Preventing Mold and Mildew in Carpet. Italica, NY 14850 People all over have dealt with issues concerning mold and mildew because of the extreme weather we get in the Italica, NY area. It may be the heavy rains or the spring snow and ice melt and even the occasional ice bridging that occurs on roof tops. Whatever the case there is due cause to take action when carpets get to wet. In this article we will discuss what steps to take when encountering this type of problem. First, call a professional. The biggest mistake people make is try to fully remediate water damage issues themselves. This can greatly increase the chances of long term problems. Why? Because it is maybe only once in a lifetime a homeowner has to deal with this type of problem so for them to take the time to do the needed research to educate themselves on the needed information will heighten the probability of mold. It is much faster to call a professional who has dealt with many of these issues in the past and has the know how and needed equipment to take care of the problem speedily. A few things that can be done outside of calling a professional is to use a wet/dry vacuum and towels to draw out as much moisture as possible. Also putting a fan on high over the surface will also help wick out moisture. Be sure not to apply heat! Heat can highly increase the chance of mold spore growth. Mold pore thrive in warm damp areas so no heat is best. If you’re dealing with incoming moisture that may jeopardize your homes carpet with mold and mildew give Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Italica, NY a call.

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