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Removing the worst stains from Berber carpet. Italica, NY 14850

Dynamic Cleaning Solutions has been restoring Berber carpets in the Italica area for years and has a ton of success to tell others about. In this article we will discuss our technique of removing the worst stains and soiling from probably the most difficult carpet surface, Berber. Above are before and after picture of a heavily stain Berber carpet that was in a rental property. Berber can at times be called the most difficult carpet to clean due to the surface’s varying texture. We utilize tools that are unique entirely to our carpet cleaning business. We first will pre-treat the carpet with a high PH product called citri-solve with bio-break this is a product that not only uses the natural solvent like properties of citrus fruits but also has the protein breaking ingredient of enzymes. With these two ingredients in one product not much stands between a dirty carpet and a clean one. After applying this product on the carpets surface we then use a 60 lb. scrubber dryer which has two cylindrical brushes that work in opposite directions at 160 rpm’s. This process helps to fully agitate and loosen the heavy stains and soils. Finally the hot water extraction process. This is an area where we really stand out from the rest, we use the Rotovac 360 which rinses with hot water well over 200 degrees and extracts it simultaneously at the same time oscillating at 250 rpm’s this definitely beats the manual scrubbing motion of a stainless steel wand back and forth. Are you curious to see how this can work on your carpets? Give us a call! Dynamic Cleaning Solutions of Italica, NY 14850 can remove the worst stains from Berber or any carpet.

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