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The Professional Geneva, NY Carpet Cleaning Advantage


Our professional Geneva, NY carpet cleaning produces amazing results in terms of getting a carpet sparkling clean. But how is this accomplished? There are a few important advantages that having your carpets cleaned professionally can provide to you. Consider the following facts:

1. Only professional carpet cleaning lifts all of the dirt out of your carpet. Due to foot traffic on a carpet during the course of the average day, dirt can get driven deeper and deeper into carpet fibers, making it impossible for standard vacuum cleaners and standard cleaning techniques to reach the ground-in dirt. Standard home use vacuum cleaners can reach surface dirt only. Even many professional treatment methods do not use the most effective dirt extraction method, which is hot water extraction. Also, it is important to note that many carpet cleaner rental machines are simply not powerful enough to extract all of the dirt out of the carpet, even though they use water. Unfortunately, such machines often simply lift dirt and move it around the carpet while never getting it actually clean. For the ultimate in terms of getting your carpet really clean, go with the professional hot water extraction treatment. This is what our professional team uses on every carpet, every day.

2. Because our professional Geneva, NY carpet cleaning equipment is so powerful, it lifts most of the moisture out of the carpet along with the dirt. This means that the drying time will be shorter than with many other standard steam cleaning treatments, such as those provided through steam cleaner rental machines. Why is this so important? The longer a carpet remains damp, the more likely it is to develop mold spores and mildew. Our high quality equipment lifts the dirt and the water out of your carpet, eliminating the possibility of mold development.

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