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We Are Reliable Horseheads, NY Green Carpet Cleaners

 Generally, traditional carpet cleaning agents have toxic chemicals that can make you and your family members ill. If you are looking for a safe alternative, contact us and ask about our safe and effective carpet cleaning methods. We are reputable and established green carpet cleaners that offer top-rate service.  

The use of green products is environmentally friendly and will not make you or your family or pets feel sick. The reason why is that they do not do not contain any harsh or toxic substances.

Green cleaning is also an ideal method for carpet cleaning because it uses less water. It does not take much water to completely rinse away green cleaning agents because they quickly dissolve. Another benefit is that when less water is use, it reduces the risk of over wetting your carpeting and reduces the chance of the growth of mold and mildew.

In addition to using less water, it takes less time for carpeting to dry when less water is used. Typically, carpeting will completely dry in about four hours when green products and methods are used. We are high quality Horseheads, NY green carpet cleaners that you can trust to do a great job cleaning your carpeting.

We use mild cleaning agents that will not damage your carpet and will not affect you, your family or pets. If you want your carpeting to be safely and efficiently cleaned and to look as close to new as possible, we are the best Horseheads, NY green carpet cleaners available in the region.


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